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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Welcome to the World of Spanking.

As this beatiful bottom shows, spanking is a truly global experience. Do enjoy these postings. 

Punishment Machine

Watermills have long been regarded as part of industial archeology, with surviving examples either run as tourist attractions or used as VERY desirable residences, by the stars of TV or the gentry. Who would think that a watermill could have a up-to-date use in the matter of applying corporal punishment. Some imaginative wag has penned this drawing, depicting a novel design of 'spanking machine', based on this ancient technology. Perhaps an affluent resident of a watermill will be inspired by this solution when applying some discipline to the wife/daughter/au-pair/nanny.   

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ouch! - The Craftsman's Touch

The Roving Spanker recently visited to the workshops of Mike Cannell of Ouch!  Mike hand crafts the most exquisite leather spanking implements. After many hours of developing a design for a new type of implement, Mike painstakingly selects the exact grade of leather and produces several prototypes, until, finally, there is an item that meets his exacting standards.

The sheer quality of material and craftsmanship is obvious just by looking at the Ouch! range. But the real test of an implement is when being applied to a submissive female bottom. This is where Mike's real talent just shines through, as with each swing of strap, paddle, tawse, or whatever, the balanced feel of the implement feels like an extension of the gentleman's own arm. They are a joy to use.

The purpose of the visit was to collect a couple of Mike's fine products. 'Crocodile Tears' is the name for a range of hybrid strap/paddles made with 'crocodile' design in the cow hide top face. As can be seen in the picture, the detail of the texture looks exactly like real croc. the remainder of this beautiful implement is made from fine 6mm buffalo hide. This week the Roving Spanker had the opportunity to apply the Crocodile Tears to the bare bottom of a Spankeefinder listed spankee. After only a few strokes the young lady developed a strong sense of respect for this fine piece of workmanship.

Crocodile Tears

Also to collect on that visit was a very neat strap, consisting of a rigid leather handle, with a very flexible leather blade, designed to impart a real sting to a bare bottom. Often with this type of design, the blade portion can twist in the downward stroke, causing the blade edge to impact first. but once again Mike had got the design exactly right. The same spankee was given a number of very firm strokes. and every one landed perfectly, leaving a neat stripe across her bottom. It was such a pleasure to use, the Roving Spanker did not want to stop!

Strap with rigid handle and flexible leather blade
Mike was in Atlanta for the the BBW spanking event, and took a number of his products. He says he should have taken a lot more, as they were a complete sellout in no time.

Take a look a Mike's website by just clicking Ouch!  

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Anyone for Tennis? - Bottoms Up Party 3rd July

The next Bottoms Up Party is on Thursday 3rd July, at a venue in Camden. Organised and hosted as usual by the lovely Leia-Ann Woods. Go to the Bottoms Up site for full details. But hurry! Recent parties have been over-subscribed and late applicants disappointed.  Other Spankeefinder listed girls so far are: Molly Malone , Ms Vixxxen , and Sam Johnson . A newcomer from overseas is Gala Vanting

Leia-Ann Woods

Molly Malone

 Its the second week of 'Wimbledon Fortnight', and all the talk is of the quarter-finals getting underway. Head ball-girl, Miss Woods, has not stopped the other ball-girls getting in shot of TV cameras, and being snapped by spectators phones and cameras while posing with the spare tennis balls in a suggestive and inappropriate way. 

The members of the All England Club have decided to discipline all the girls for making a laughingstock of this prestigious event. Each girl will be punished by hand spanking, a leather implement, and the cane. Before the general punishment begins, Miss Woods will be made to bend over a stool, with her knickers down, and be given a cold, six-of-the-best, with the cane by each gentleman member.

Sam Johnson
Gala Vanting

Monday, 2 June 2014

2Kings - 'Skoolgirl Switch' Party - 18th June

2Kings have their next party on Wednesday 18th June - with a 'Skoolgirl' theme - which note is a optional switch party, for gentlemen who like to get as good as they give.

There will be some of 2Kings favourite naughty students who seem unable to keep their uniforms on, their knickers up or their bottoms out of trouble. The girls will include SAM, a new lady to 2kings but with an experience of being spanked for many things! She will be joined by our own NICOLE who was so popular recently, as well as SALY& XELA and yet more to be

Click on 2Kings for further information.

Friday, 23 May 2014

The pyjama game ........

The perfect end, or even the beginning, of an evening in. Ready in those special pyjamas, she went over your knee for a smart spanking, before dutifully bending over and obediently awaiting the rest of her punishment. 

Happy Birthday Mike

Yes it's a happy 70th Birthday for Mike of 2Kings Parties , and he is as active as ever!  What is Mike's secret to health and vigour? It's regular exercise, holding down a young lady with one hand and spanking her with the other. May there be many more years of spanking left in him.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

School - Oh what a drag!

 As the Headmaster enters the changing room, there is Amanda quietly relaxed, enjoying a moment of illicit pleasure, blissfully unaware of the impending punishment.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mods and Rockers - Bottoms Up Party

The next Bottoms Up party marks a change of venue from Vauxhall across town to Camden. Close to tube and rail stations, the new venue is just as easy to get to. The date is 8th May, which is Thursday next week. Party organiser Leia-Ann Woods has come up with yet another theme for the afternoon of spanking fun. Mods and Rockers is the theme, with Leia and the ladies in themed outfits. 
Organiser Leia

Bottoms Up parties have a unique format. Each gentleman has the opportunity to have a mini 1to1 with each of the lovely ladies in turn. To round of the afternoon all the gentlemen get to cane the ladies. But there is yet another unique feature of the these parties. Getting the party off to a swinging start, our delightful host, Leia, submits to taking a cold caning - from all the gentlemen present. Yes, six-of-the-best, from each gentleman - that's cold - no warm up - on the bare. 

For further details just click on Bottoms Up

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Claudia - New to Spankeefinder

Brand new to Spankeefinder listings is London based Claudia. Previously, she has done a number of private parties and 1to1s, and has now joined the Spankeefinder listings.

Claudia told Spankeefinder "I really get being put over a man's knee, with my knickers pulled down, and feeling a masterly hand, that lets me know who's the boss."