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Welcome to the World of Spanking

Welcome to the World of Spanking

Friday, 8 April 2016

It's Party Time!

First up is 2Kings with their Secretary themed party on Wednesday 13th April. Featuring Spankeefinder listed Melissa together with well known party girls Kandy and Katharina

Then comes Bottoms Up also with a Secretary themed party on Thursday 21st April. This features Spankeefinder listed, and party organiser, Leia-Ann Woods and Donna, together with Nikita, Katharina and Kandy. 


Finally, for the moment, comes Stinging Tails on Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th April with Birthday Party Themes. This features Spankeefinder listed Danielle and Little Missy together with Rebecca. A chance to celebrate by giving a good birthday caning to Danielle.


For further information on these events just click on the links.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Corsets, Basques and Bottoms

Now here's a lovely lady, there are a whole series of her on the net. A showtime start to our postings of Corsets, Basques and Bottoms

A real mix of textures, but there is something there for everyone.

Pretty in pink, and a good example of less is more.

Traditional black always looks good

Laced up very tight. How does she breathe?

Monday, 15 February 2016

Party Time!

2016 has got off to a flying start, with spanking parties coming thick and fast. The latest we have news of are the next two StingingTails parties on Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th February, to be held in the Birmingham area.


Naughty young ladies in attendance are Spankeefinder listed Danielle , together with Angel and Wynter. Three very delightful young ladies, with a true love of being spanked. It has been a long time since there were regular parties in the West Midlands, so it's good news to hear that StingingTails are doing so well.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Pants, Knickers, Drawers, or Panties

This is a post for those gentlemen who prefer full size plain knickers (or pants etc) . No frills, no lace, no see-through, and definitely no thongs.

Now, some of you insist knickers should be pure cotton, and there is nothing quite like the feel of cotton, like when taking a grip of the hem. But man-made fabrics are here to stay. It's just another lowering of society's standards!

And then there is the technique for removal. Do you prefer to slip the thumbs into the hem each side of the hips, and press down? Or do you take hold one-handed in the centre and pull down? As an alternative, there is always the satisfaction of watching the spankee fumble nervously, as she pulls down her own knickers.

Whatever the preference, the ritual removal has always been an essential part of the spanking scene. That sublime moment as the soft material is drawn down, the bottom is bared, and the gentlemen prepare for some serious action. 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Party Time! Spanking Times & Stinging Tails

Spanking Times have their next party on Tues 23rd February. Girls so far planned for attendance are, long established party girl Frankie, and a newish girl to the spanking scene Rebecca.

Spanking Times are well known for their good ratio of girls to gentlemen, relaxed atmosphere and plenty of action. 


Stinging Tails are trying out a new venue near Bristol, on Friday 12th. So you West Country gentlemen should contact Spankeefinder listed Danielle straight away.

Knowing What's Coming ..... gifs

Well, she certainly knows what's coming. The hair flick says it all.

The attitude is pure insolence, and she knows what insolent girls can expect. Again that hair flick 

Friday, 5 February 2016

Party Time!

First an update on the Bottoms Up Party on the 25th February. The line-of girls has now been published, including Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods, Donna, and Chloe
there is also Wynter, Jadie, and Kandy. A better range of spankable bottoms would be hard to find. 

But if you would like an earlier party then:-

2Kings are having a Naughty Nurses Spanking Party, on Tuesday 16th February. There will be an excellent selection of bottoms to punish! The nurses will include the ever popular FRANKIE and a beautiful young new girl CHARLOTTE (from Kent), making her party debut at 2kings. As always there will be plenty of switching opportunities.

Charlotte awaiting your attention.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Spanking as an aid to memory .........

They were almost at the beach when Sarah realised she had forgotten the key for the apartment. Didn't happen again, not even once!

Friday, 22 January 2016

It's all in the anticipation (GIFS)

Yoga pants and thong in one smooth action!

All nicely pulled down with the minimum of fuss!

Now here's a man who doesn't believe in wasting time!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

It's Party Time ! Stingingtails and Bottoms Up

Stinging Tails

Firstly, a double barrelled party, on Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th January. This event is being run at a venue close to Birmingham by Stingingtails  .


This party has Spankeefinder listed Danielle and Josephine Scissons , together with newish girl to the spanking scene, Jessica. Stingingtails have organised some very successful parties during 2015, so for further information get in touch with them.

The next Bottoms Up party is on Thursday 25th February. Bottoms Up parties are always outstanding and oversubscribed so to avoid disappointment book early.

Leia-Ann Woods

Bottoms Up parties have been outstandingly successful, and are hosted by Leia-Ann Woods. Prepare yourself for a most pleasant afternoon. Bottoms Up has a unique format and, as always, the action will get off to a flying start by Miss Woods being given a cold caning. Yes, that's six-of-the-very-best from every gentleman present.