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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Welcome to the World of Spanking.

Claudia - New to Spankeefinder

Brand new to Spankeefinder listings is London based Claudia. Previously, she has done a number of private parties and 1to1s, and has now joined the Spankeefinder listings.

Claudia told Spankeefinder "I really get being put over a man's knee, with my knickers pulled down, and feeling a masterly hand, that lets me know who's the boss."


Tuesday, 31 December 2013

To Bare or not to Bare ...... That is the question

The above picture is taken from a story published some time ago. It tells of Lisa Morton, history scholar, at Rose Bridge School for girls. Pretty blond Lisa is to be caned in front of the school, but upon bending over, the headmistress announces, that the governors have decided that henceforth girls will be caned on the bare bottom. To Lisa's consternation, the headmistress pulls off her knickers, leaving Lisa quivering in anticipation of a hard caning on the bare.

Gentlemen, this story is a delightful work of fiction, but, it does highlight the subject of individual preferences when delivering a caning. It is a matter of a gentleman's personal choice whether to apply a cane over some covering as part of roleplay perhaps. But many would agree that when it comes to administering punishment with a cane it should be on the bare, and only on the bare. 

And how firmly should the cane be applied? It is for gentlemen to decide the level of severity, while always respecting girls' limits.

This picture shows a superb caning, good strong strokes, nicely separated, with clear marks of equal length on each cheek. A fitting finale to a good spanking session.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Friday, 20 December 2013

The Music Lesson

"That's better Joanna, your squeals have reached almost every note in the scale. Now let's see if you can reach a Top C"

Monday, 16 December 2013

One of the greats

A tribute to the lovely Rosaleen Young, spanking video star, who quit the scene some years ago. Wherever you are Rosy, grateful thanks from your many admirers.

Friday, 13 December 2013

2Kings Christmas Party

 It's the biggest party in town this Christmas. For further details just click on 2Kings

There are an amazing 29 ladies lined up to entertain you that evening. Spankeefinder listed ladies include Danielle, Donna, Ivy, Josephine, Rosie, Sam Johnson, and Sugar 

To get you guys in the mood for some action, there will be dancing by strippers Mouse and Sonia.

Miss Brown  

For those boys who feel they have been extra naughty, a selection of Dommes will be there to deal with you, including Xela and Miss Brown.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Another Classic!!

Peter Pan
 The Bottoms Up party on Thursday 28th Nov proved a classic event. The pantomime theme was faithfully followed by all the ladies in the costumes of different pantos, led by Leia-Ann Woods, as Peter Pan (with all the gentlemen her 'lost boys'?). The Lovely Jadie acted as MC, and kept proceedings going smoothly, with the ladies enthusiastically offering all the gentlemen the opportunity of giving a spanking, followed by a selection from the available implements. The club echoed to the liberal application of leather to bare bottoms!
Snow White

As usual Mike Connell of Ouch! - Correction Collection was present, offering free trials of his excellent implements, and was able to deliver a long strap made from saddle leather, which the Roving Spanker had previously ordered. Despite all the ladies regarding this implement with some trepidation, they bravely took their turn to be on the receiving end of this brand new implement.

The atmosphere of Bottoms Up events is outstanding, with a number of gentlemen who regularly travel, from all parts of the UK and overseas, enjoying a most pleasant afternoon.

For news of the next party, watch this page.


Friday, 29 November 2013

Getting the Slipper

A slipper applied across both cheeks

There are few spanking implements which invoke nostalgia so much as the 'slipper', which until only a few decades ago, was commonly used for corporal punishment in schools. Oddly, the 'slipper' was not the footwear normally associated with the domestic bedroom, these 'slippers' were a canvas gym shoe, with a rubber sole, often called a plimsoll. As far as we know, they were only called a 'slipper' in context of corporal punishment. Perhaps one of our readers knows the origin of the name 'slipper' in school punishments. Any responses to our email address above. 
It is still possible to get these type of shoes new, but an old worn shoe is often better. In today's spanking scene, the preference is for slippers that are not too heavy and have a flexible sole. How easily the slipper folds into a U shape is a good guide. Heavy soled shoes can cause bruising, and just give a dull thud on impact. But if the heavier design rocks your boat, and the young lady does not mind, then go ahead and use this type. 

A slipper applied to one cheek at a time

Slippers can be more effective if applied with a short backswing, and wristy action, causing the slipper to flex freely back and forth. This way the slipper lands with a delicious 'slap', and imparts an impressive sting to a bare bottom. There are many mature ladies and gents, who remember from their schooldays being left with a very sore bottom, after a slippering from even quite petite teachers. Even experienced spankees respect the sting delivered by a well applied slipper. 

And while on the subject of technique, there is the question whether the correct application of the slipper is across both cheeks, or applied to each cheek in turn. (see the pictures for each technique) It is a matter of personal preference, but there is usually a better sound when applied to each cheek in turn.  

 A video clip showing a slippering can be found at Getting the slipper This video shows a slipper of about the right weight, with a very flexible sole, which the lady teacher is applying with some energy, and a good wrist action. For most strokes, she applies the slipper to each cheek in turn, and there is little doubt the young lady felt them.

What if a spankee wants to keep her knickers on during a slippering, or craftily pulls them up when she sees you reaching for a slipper? Simply make her touch her toes, pull down the knickers, and get started with practising your wrist action with the slipper on her bare bottom. Happy slippering      

Monday, 25 November 2013

Too much to say for herself

Kiera to student boyfriend. "Oh, Jeremy, this place is an absolute tip, I don't know how you could live here, it may be cheap, but what a dump! Look at it, you have all this useless junk. Just look at that silly old schoolmaster's cane you're holding, what use is that for?"
"What did you say, Jeremy?"
"Oh hell !!"