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Welcome to the World of Spanking

Welcome to the World of Spanking

Friday, 12 December 2014

Office Dress Code

Pale Stockings

Tan Stockings

Black Stockings

Fishnet Stockings

Or Tights ....

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

2Kings Party - 30 Girls - Last Chance!

This is the last chance to grab the few places left for the 2Kings Christmas Party on the 17th. Full details can be found on the 2Kings website . Also see our previous post on this unique event.

Friday, 5 December 2014

The law has changed - but UK content only

Attending spanking parties and visiting spankees remains a completely legal activity under UK law. So gentlemen, carry on enjoying your favourite activity.

But, with the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 in force from the 1st December, all online and on-demand videos will be subject to certification by the Board of British Film Classification . Many activities, including spanking, caning, most bondage, and role-playing as non adults (ie school uniform) depicted in video content, is specifically banned. These regulations apply only to videos produced in the UK, content produced abroad and available on non-UK websites will not be affected. These regulations already affect DVD distribution in the UK.

With the banning of the distribution of moving images of spanking, how long will it be before those responsible for these new regulations try to ban still images of spanking?

We at Spankeefinder do not derive any income from the website or blog, and continue to fund the cost of hosting at our own expense, purely to support the UK spanking scene. 

In order to protect ourselves from the unwarranted interest of those who wish to ban still images showing spanking or school uniform, Spankeefinder will remove from the main website, and this blog, all content showing spanking, cane marks and bruises, and spankees wearing school uniform. We will also remove written content referring to 'school' role-play. Links to other websites are not affected, so spankees with their own websites will still have links just as before.

We will still be showing pictures of all our lovely girls in the spankee pages. Spankees can still offer role-play, but we will not be showing any material about school scenarios or uniform. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Parties

There are a selection of parties on offer this December. Here is the list so far, with links for further detail. Many Spankeefinder listed girls can be found attending one or more of these events.

Bottoms Up   4th December in London

Central Spanking  4th December in Sheffield

Central Spanking  11th December in Nuneaton

2Kings  17th December in London

We just loved the 2Kings flyer, so here it is:

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lillie Brookes - A fresh delight

The Roving Spanker recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Lillie Brooks , who is quite new to Spankeefinder listings. Lillie has a most attractive personality, a real pleasure to meet. Gentlemen, cast your minds back to youthful times, and remember the pleasures of introducing your latest girlfriend to the delights of spanking. Recall their wriggles after every stroke of a spanking? Each squeal of excitement at the feel of leather?

Well, Lilly was a charming reminder of those far off days. Her little movements and sighs of appreciation show how much she enjoys a good traditional otk spanking. And when it comes to implements, a firmly applied leather strap results in both chuckles of shock and spectacular wriggles of her bottom. And in case you're thinking this is just role play, trust the Roving Spanker's decades of experience, he knows when a girl is putting it on. No, Lillie is the genuine article.

However, if you're the sort of chap who likes to deliver a long spanking, strapping, and caning, then Lillie is not your girl. There are plenty of other super girls on the Spankeefinder site, who can take a variety of punishment levels, and indeed, the Roving Spanker has delivered such to several of our listed spankees.

Remember our golden rule: Be honest about what you want, and respect limits, And have great fun!  

Monday, 13 October 2014

Party Time - Central Spanking - 30th Oct - Update to girls taking part.

Think all the good parties are in London? - Not a bit of it!

Central Spanking's Halloween Spanking Party will take place at Sheffield, on Thursday 30th October,1pm to 5pm.

The Sheffield venue is the sexiest and scariest Spanking venue in the UK, being fully equipped with many play ares and implements.

The most gorgeous of Central Babes are coming along to this fun filled party, just for you to Spank, Strap, and Cane. The Babes at this event will be Spankeefinder listed Fae Corbin , the lovely sisters Chloe and Candy (often called Kandi) and new Babe Lilu. All the Babes will be dressed for the Halloween theme in the sexiest of outfits.

There's no dress code for guys attending, although there will be a £10 concession off the full price for those that do enter the spirit of the theme and dress up accordingly.

For those that like to switch, the Babes will be ready to turn the tables. For the really brave, there is also the option to visit Miss Hastings-Gore in private for a short 121.

A Halloween feast is included for the all-inclusive price of just £150.

E-Mail for information, and to book your place.

Further information,

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Party Time - 2Kings - Oct 21st

Don’t miss the opportunity to deal with a host of inefficient, slutty, and insolent Sexy Secretaries! Their skirts are too short and their blouses too tight for efficient working and they need to be spanked, strapped, caned and who knows what else!
Those outfits will just have to come off for real bare-bottom treatment to improve their behaviour.
Details are at and the girls will include the amazing, Spankeefinder listed, Fae Corbin, together with 2Kings regulars Frankie, Kim, Sally and office-manager Xela. Other girls will be announced and posted to the website in due course.

Fae Corbin

Full details on the website, and the price of £150 includes a cold buffet lunch, all the spanking you could want, and plenty of switching if that is your thing.
Details as above or contact Mike Dyer  on  07887 762477

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Party Time - Bottoms Up - 16th Oct

This month the Bottoms Up ladies are heading into the Deep South, think Sweet home Alabama! All will be clad in tight denim and gingham tops of course! Unfortunately some of the ladies became rather over-excited with the lasso practise and managed to both ensnare and tie up their lecturer in the process. At this party are Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods, and Katie Walker, together with the very spankable sisters Chloe and Kandy, with the lovely Aleesha Fox and international spankee Nikita.

Naturally, Ms Woods was (as ever!) at the centre of this mischievous act and has been called before the board of governors with the other ladies involved. As you might imagine the ladies will answer for their conduct with traditional punishments. 

Katy Walker

The gentlemen attending the party are the Board of Governors and will administer appropriate punishments. Proceedings will comence with each of the Governors giving Ms Woods a cold caning.


For those gentlemen who switch there is an opportunity to do this during the latter half of the party. If you would like to join us please do let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing us at

Party Time - Hell's Belles - 31st Oct

The Hell's Belles Halloween Party is on the afternoon of Friday 31st Oct, at a West London venue. Hosting the party will be Spankeefinder's own Red, and Jadie Reese, together with other of the Hells Belles Gals.

For further information email

Jadie - Hell's Belle

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Very impressed - Three times over.

Last Friday, the Roving Spanker called in on Mike Cannell of Ouch! to collect a new implement. Based on the Peterhead tawse, Mike had fashioned a single strap some 640mm long, 50mm wide, 14mm thick at the handle end tapering to 7mm thick at the business end. As you can see this was a pure work of art with a beautiful antique leather finish. The Roving Spanker was very impressed.

Then, by happy concidence, the following day, Spankeefinder listed Red called into the Roving Spanker on the way to visit a friend in Brighton. While admiring the new strap, Red was understandably in some trepidation as to how it would feel when applied to her delightful derriere. Well, ever up for a challenge, Red was given a thorough otk warm up, until she was ready for for the strap to be employed in its first ever spanking.

Impressive is the only word for it. The strap itself was a joy to use, being so impressively balanced. But Red herself, was equally impressive. She has been in the spanking scene for a while, and is very popular as a first rate spankee. But that afternoon even the Roving Spanker was highly impressed as how Red took that heavy strap, so much so he just didn't want to stop! 

To visit her website just click on the name 'Red' above.
And do visit Mike's website at Ouch! to see his range of first class implements.